REF’s 25th Birthday

  • Happy Birthday REF! December 25
    ref dec

    Presents!  Today’s a day of joy and

    wonder.  It’s the same sense of

    wonder students feel while creating

    in a Makerspace provided by a REF

    grant.  25 years – over $533,000 in

    classroom grants.  #REF25Years!

  • Happy Birthday REF! November 25


    ref nov

    REF is 25! Celebrating students’

    successes Pre-K – Seniors since 2000

    with over $204,770.  #REF25Years

  • Happy Birthday REF! October 25
    ref oct

    $1.5 in 25! In 25 years REF has given

    1.5 million dollars to students and staff

    for scholarships, grants, and student

    recognition.  #REF25Years

  • Happy Birthday REF! September 25
    ref sep

    It’s REF’s 25th Birthday! We celebrate

    our community’s commitment to

    supporting our students. #REF25Years