Run for Excellence 2017

The Raytown Educational Foundation held its eighteenth Run for Excellence Saturday, October 21, 2017.
The run had 259 registrants including those “virtual runners” who slept in, but wear their run t-shirt just
like the actual participants. This year’s run was truly a family affair with several parent-child medalists
who finished with a 1st , 2nd , or 3rd place. Those parent-child medalists included: Anna & Noah Wiley,
Shannon & Makenzie Jakes, Staci & Davin Mathis, and a 3 medal family – Tara & Hallie & Levi McConnel. The run also had several sibling medalists: Luke and Seth Markley, Addi & Tate Baker, and Halle & Levi McConnel.
Our youngest participant, via stroller, was Kamdyn Lantsberger whose parents, Brice and Courtney are
both Raytown Quality Schools educators. Daddy Brice even medaled with a second place finish. (He
was not the one pushing the stroller.) Thanks to all our participants, sponsors, and volunteers for
another successful run.
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Race Name Age
1-4 Girls 50 Meters Mary Grace Beran 2
1-4 Boys 50 Meters John Garcia 5
5&6 Girls 100 Meters No Participants  
5&6 Boys 100 Meters Nicholas Crowe 6
7&8 Girls 150 Meters Athena Hoffman 7
7&8 Boys 150 Meters Jonas Crowe 8
9&10 Girls 200 Meters Dayvionna Hart 11
9&10 Boys 200 Meters Charlie Farrand 10
11&12 Girls 200 Meters No Participants  
11&12 Boys 200 meters Luke Markley & Donovan Huser – TIE 12